Member leaders are ASQ's voluntary workforce, who are engaged in:

  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Giving back to the profession
  • Providing oversight to the quality, relevancy and accuracy of content provided to members and customers

They also teach others about quality through entities that serve to create/disseminate ASQ's body of knowledge (QBoK), including:

  • Local sections
  • Global member communities
  • Division/forums/interest groups

Please note, everyone who works with ASQ Houston is a volunteer. No one is paid by ASQ headquarters to oversee ASQ Houston business. Our volunteers do the work they do because they love quality want to give back to the quality field. However, all of our volunteers also have full-time jobs of their own, family responsibilities, etc. With this in mind, we kindly ask for your patience as we plan events, send out announcements, and reply to your inquiries. Your patience is always appreciated as our volunteers make time to take care of ASQ business as their schedules allow. We always need more help! If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us at