ASQ Houston Section 1405 has developed responses to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you do not see a link to your question here, please contact our webmaster for additional assistance.

1. Volunteer

Volunteer for ASQ Houston

2. Certification/recertification

How Do I Recertify?

3. Website related inquiries:

i. I am registered on the ASQ national/headquarters website ( Why doesn't my log-in information work for ASQ Houston website (

The log-in information for the ASQ national/headquarters website is different from the log-in information for the ASQ Houston website. The two websites are not linked and the log-in profiles are different. The ASQ Houston log-in information is either 1) your first initial and your last name (no spaces) or 2) the email address registered with ASQ national/headquarters. 

ii. I joined ASQ last month. Why can't I log in to the ASQ Houston website ( yet?

ASQ Houston Section 1405 receives the updated member lists at the beginning of each month from ASQ national/headquarters. Once the latest member list is uploaded into the ASQ Houston website by the Webmaster, all new members will have access. If you join ASQ after the current month's list is uploaded, you will be on the list that ASQ Houston Section 1405 receives the following month. Your patience with this process is apprecaited.

iii. I changed my contact information on the ASQ Houston website ( Why haven't I been receiving emails?

Once a month, the ASQ Houston Section 1405 website is updated with an updated member list from ASQ national/headquarters. If you have not changed your contact information in your profile with ASQ national/headquarters, the information you enter in the ASQ Houston website will not be retained. You must update your contact information with ASQ national/headquarters (

iv. I have not been receiving emails from ASQ Houston Section 1405. Why does this happen?

This could be due to several reasons, but the most common reasons are listed below:

  1. The email profile associated with your account is not current. ASQ Houston Section 1405 uses the email address registered with ASQ national/headquarters. Please verify that the email address on your account profile with ASQ national/headquarters is correct.
  2. Your firewall or spam blocker is preventing the ASQ Houston emails from coming through. Please check your firewall settings or speak to your company IT administrator.
  3. You are not listed as a member of ASQ Greater Houston Section 1405. You must be a registered member of the section to receive emails and access to the Members Only areas of the ASQ Houston website. Please verify with ASQ national/headquarters that you have selected ASQ Greater Houston Section 1405 as your local section.
  4. Freel free to contact our webmaster for additional assistance.