QAE Inc. (Formally Fisk/MEI Inspection Services, Inc.)

The constantly rising costs and rampant liability issues of having to correct a problem after materials or equipment leave the warehouse or manufacturing facility of a supplier is still a major concern for most projects. The defective materials or problematic equipment disrupts all of the planning that is so carefully laid out for the project and erodes both time and money in the process.
Our primary goal is to provide premium quality, effective Expediting and Third Party (Surveillance) Inspection Services for our Clients at a competitive price.

Toward this end, we endeavor to provide the most Client-compatible, efficient and effective system available in the market and be the ever-present link between our Client and our Client’s supplier.

Our staff of managers,expeditors, inspection coordinators and inspectors combines the experience and knowledge in their respective fields with the continuous training expected of a highly motivated professional service based on excellence.

We have a proven 35-year track record of successful service to our valued Clients.

Our focus: To keep our Client’s projects on schedule with the correct materials and equipment delivered every time, on time for smoothly run operations, no matter what it takes to make that happen.

What this means for you is having a responsive expediting and third party inspection service provider at a competitive price to immediately focus on you and your Clients’ requirements.

Please call or e-mail us for the opportunity to earn your business.