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ASQ Houston's physical mailing address: P.O.Box 691544, Houston, TX 77269-1544

  Position/Committee   Email    Description

Oversees all aspects of section management & member leader activities.

  Vice Chair* Responsible for the business plan for the section & assists the Chair/section, as needed.
  Secretary*  Documents section business & maintains records for the section.
  Treasurer* Tracks & accounts for all financial transactions to support section business.
  Arrangements  Plans & executes all logistical aspects of section meetings/events including venue, food, registration, etc.

Reviews financial transactions supporting section buisness & periodically reports on these activities to ASQ headquarters.

  Communications Maintains website, compiles newsletter & sends event announcements/ reminders to section members – planning to expand use of social media soon!
  Community Outreach Plans & executes volunteer events for section members to give back to our community in various ways (science fair judges, toy for tots, etc.)
  Conference Plans & executes ASQ Houston Regional Quality Conference
  Education Oversees the certification refresher & other courses offered through the section
  Historian Documents the history of section activities, events, etc.
  Membership  Works to retain current members & attract new members to ASQ/section
  Nominations Leads the process for nominating section leaders for elected positions 
  Programs Plans & coordinates all event speakers for monthly dinner meeting presentations & other events such as facility tours, workshops, etc. 
  Recertifications Assists members with the re-certification process
  Sponsorship Works to retain current sponsors & attract new sponsors to provide members with access to products & services to assist in their professional development
  Student Branch Oversees all aspects of student branch management & activities (we currently have ASQ student chapters at UH and Lone Star Community College)
  Volunteer Recruits & places volunteers in positions/committees for the section 
 Voice of the Customer Listens to the needs of section members & obtains feedback to improve section activities, events, etc.
  Webmaster Maintains section website 

*Denotes elected positions 

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