Section Leadership Team

The ASQ Greater Houston Section 1405 Section Leadership Team is comprised of volunteers from our organization that are committed to making a difference in the professional development of area quality professionals.  Without their dedication and support, Greater Houston Section 1405 would not be able to provide the services and programs that everyone enjoys.
The Section Leadership Team has four elected positions, Chair, Chair-Elect and SMP Chair, Section Secretary and Section Treasurer.  For more information on these positions and annual elections, please contact the Nominating Committee.  

Elected Positions:

 Position   Description of Responsibility   Email Address  Current Position Holder 
 Chair Oversees all aspects of section management & member leader activities


Jami Kovach

 ViceChair  Responsible for the business plan for the section & assists the Chair/section, as needed

Vijai Venkata 

 Secretary  Documents section business & maintains records for the section 

Valentine Boving

 Tresurer  Tracks & accounts for all financial transactions to support section business 


Patricia Shepard-Fiala



 Committee   Description of Responsibility   Email Address 
 Arrangments  Plans & executes all logistical aspects of section meetings/events including venue, food, registration, etc.
 Chief Proctor  Oversees the local administration of ASQ certification exams, etc.
 Community  Outreach  Plans & executes volunteer events for section members to give back to our community in various ways (science fair judges, toy for tots, etc.)
 Conference  Plans & executes ASQ Houston Regional Quality Conference
 Education  Plans monthly tutorial sessions & oversees the certification refresher & other courses offered through the section
 Membership  Works to retain current members & attract new members to ASQ/section
 Programs  Plans & executes all aspects of tutorial & dinner presentations for monthly meetings & other events such as plant tours, etc.
 Recertification  Assists members with the re-certification process
 Sponsorship  Works to retain current sponsors & attract new sponsors to provide members with access to products & services to assist in their professional development


Other Committee/Positions 

 Commitee/Position   Description of Responsibility   Email Address 


Reviews financial transactions supporting section business & periodically reports on these activities to ASQ headquarters  ---


Maintains website, compiles newsletter & sends event announcements/ reminders to section members – planning to expand use of social media soon!
 Historian  Documents the history of section activities, events, etc.  ---
 Nominations  Leads the process for nominating section leaders for elected positions 
 Student Branch Oversees all aspects of student branch management & activities (we currently have ASQ student chapters at UH and Lone Star Community College)
 Volunteer  Recruits & places volunteers in positions/committees for the section 
 Voice of the    Customer  Listens to the needs of section members & obtains feedback to improve section activities, events, etc. 

Maintains section website