ASQ Houston Section 1405 Members,

Did you know even the U.S. government uses quality tools/methods? In Hillary Clinton’s book, “Living History,” she describes how the team of lawyers that she was a part of many years ago appointed to compile evidence that made a compelling case for the impeachment of Richard Nixon were instructed by the group’s leader to type one fact per index card (of course, this was in the time before personal computers) and then look for patterns among the facts. It’s interesting to note that by the end of this investigation the group had compiled more than 500,000 index cards. Also, in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent book, “A Fighting Chance,” she recounts how one of the first acts of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (see for more information) was to collect complaints about banking practices. She said, “We figured that by telling the world how many complaints we’d received about each of the big banks and how those complaints were resolved [by the banks], we might make the market for credit work better.” By making this type of information public, they hoped that banks that responded fastest and/or those with the fewest complaints would get some good press and overall bans would start treating customers a little better. These stories are further examples that quality tools and practices are valuable given that they are widely applicable in so many industries and situations.

Just as a reminder, our section’s biggest need at this time continues to be that we need more volunteers to help do the work behind the scenes to bring you new and exciting events throughout the year. Did you know that if you volunteer with ASQ you can earn recertification units (RUs), establish lasting relationships with others in the quality field, and have fun? I implore you to make volunteering with ASQ Houston part of plan to build stronger relationships! If you are interested in volunteering any amount of time, large or small, please contact

Also, did you know that we are planning to host our 2nd annual ASQ Houston Regional Quality Conference? This event was so successful last year that we’ve decided to hold it again, and our conference committee is already hard at work planning for this event, which will be held Nov. 14th. Registration for this event is now open! Please visit for more information and to register. If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please contact Please share this information with those you know who may be interested in attending the conference!

Please note, our next professional development dinner meeting will be held on Thurs., Nov. 20th. Dr. Doris Quinn will be speaking about “What I Learned about Management from My Travels with W. Edwards Deming,” and we will have an excellent pre-dinner speaker prior to the dinner meeting. Please see for more information and to register.

ASQ Houston has a lot to offer our members in Nov. 2014, and I look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming meeting!


Jamison V. Kovach (Jami)

Chair, ASQ Houston Section 1405