If you are a regular reader of my posts, you surely are familiar with ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’. What remains now is for me and my team to execute our plans and for you to experience this journey with us. My journey with ASQ began soon after my graduation when my colleague interested me in joining him at an ASQ Section monthly meeting in Quincy, Illinois. I enjoyed meeting fellow quality professionals and gained valuable insights from sharing ideas with others at the meeting. When I moved to Houston, ASQ was there for me when I wanted to get CQE certified. Like many of you, I took the refresher classes and it sure helped me dust off my skills and prepared me well for the exam. This motivated me to join the Education committee as a volunteer and it surely paid off. I have enjoyed volunteering at ASQ and its helped me make lasting friendships and helped me grow into my current role. So what is your story? Share it with us on Linkedin. If you are looking for ways to get involved with our section activities, see if one of these options interest you:

— - Be a volunteer. We not only have tasks that take only a few hours of your time, but also leadership opportunities requiring a longer time commitment. Learn the benefits of being a volunteer and contact us at volunteer@asqhouston.org if you wish to join our team.

— - Be a speaker at our monthly professional development meetings. We usually have 2 tutorial speaker presentations (parallel sessions) prior to the main speaker presentation. Tutorials are a good venue for you to present on shorter timeframe topics - your recent continuous improvement projects, quality tools that you have mastered, or interesting topics in your field that you wish to share with us, etc.  

— - Participate in our events (monthly meetings, tours, educational offerings, outreach events, regional conference, etc.). By participating you are supporting and encouraging us. We had several members join us for judging at 2015 Science and Engineering Fair of Houston in Feb and it sure was a unique experience for many of us.

— - Become a sponsor or help us get a sponsor. Several companies are missing out on this opportunity to interact with 100 plus quality professionals at our monthly dinner meetings and many more at our annual regional conference. Check out our sponsorship opportunities at http://asqhouston.tendenci.org/sponsorship-opportunities/

— - Be an instructor for one of our Refresher classes. Our Education committee is always on the lookout for instructors mainly for our popular exams like CQE and CQA. Contact us at education@asqhouston.org

— - Introduce your friends and colleagues to ASQ 1405. Check out our membership programs at http://asqhouston.tendenci.org/membership-programs/. In the process you can also earn ASQ bucks http://asq.org/referandreward/

— - Provide feedback and help us improve. Participate in one of our surveys or simply drop me or my team a note with your suggestions/ ideas.

So as you can see, there sure is something for everyone. Make us a part of your Quality journey.

Upcoming section events:

Our March Professional Dinner Meeting will be held on March 19th at the United Way on Waugh.  We have 2 tutorials and a dinner presentation planned. You can follow the link for more details and sign up for the meeting– http://www.asqhouston.org/events/25/

ASQ 1405 Quality Regional Conference on Nov 13th in Houston, TX.

Upcoming ASQ events:

2015 World Conference on Quality and Improvement on May 4-6 at Nashville, TN.

Useful links:

Learn more about your section at http://www.asqhouston.org/

You can join our ASQ Houston section 1405 group on Linkedin. The group is growing and currently has over 900 members.

Don’t forget to log into the ASQ site to receive your ‘March 2015 Member Gift’ - Decision Making for Quality Professionals

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Chair’s pick:

In case you missed reading this article last year, check it out. It has several good insights relevant to quality professionals.

Salary Survey 2014 ‘Satisfaction Not Guaranteed?


Does an organization’s culture of quality (or lack thereof) affect employee satisfaction—specifically, toward their jobs and salaries? Analysis conducted in conjunction with this (2014) year’s salary survey explores this relationship and what employees say about their situations when they work for an organization that embraces a culture of quality.

Beyond this analysis, the 30-section annual survey report breaks down quality professionals’ salaries by job title, education, years of experience, certification and many more factors. New to this year’s survey report: expanded coverage of international results, including individual sections dedicated to results from respondents in China, India and Mexico.