Last month, you were introduced to the 2015 Section Leadership Team (SLT) and many of you met us at the January professional dinner meeting. Thanks for attending! Now that you know who we are, I will briefly describe what we do and how we plan to do it this year. Our five key focus areas are:  

  1. ‘Increase Impact’ - Increase ‘Member Value Creation’. We plan to achieve this by offering various opportunities for members to get involved via professional development meetings, educational courses, community outreach events and fun activities.
  2. ‘Grow MOC (Members of Community)’ - Increase ‘Member Retention’ and ‘Member Growth’. We plan to achieve this with our membership drive initiatives and several member recognition programs. 
  3. ‘Grow Means (Financials)’ - Increase the use of ‘ASQ training’ and ‘section sponsorship’. We plan to achieve this by offering educational classes, conducting certification exams in Houston, tutorials at professional development meetings, etc.
  4. Improve Process & Operations - Improve Key ‘Internal Processes’. We plan to achieve this by continually looking for opportunities to improve by acting on survey feedbacks, implementing best practices from benchmarking exercises, standardizing our processes internally and implementing our business plans.
  5. Improve Workforce Engagement - Increase Member Leader Engagement. We plan to achieve this by having monthly leadership meetings, quarterly team building activities and recognition events.

We have created our 2015 business plan with specific action items targeted towards these five focus areas. Throughout the year we will monitor our progress using a scorecard that tracks our key performance measures like membership growth, member satisfaction, event participation count, etc. It goes without saying that we will need the support of our 1500+ members in Houston to accomplish our goals. Learn the benefits of being a volunteer and contact us at if you wish to join our team and help us better serve you.

Upcoming section events:

Our Feb Professional Dinner Meeting will be held on February 26th at United Way on Waugh.  We have both, a tutorial and a dinner presentation planned for the evening.   You can follow the link for more details and to sign up –

2015 Science and Engineering Fair of Houston is on February 27 - 28, 2015. Like in the prior years, we will support SEFH by judging projects that meet the vision of ASQ and award the winners. We are asking for your support and participation with the event. If you wish to be a sponsor or judge at this event, contact us at

Upcoming ASQ events:

Other upcoming events in Houston:

Houston was recently ranked No. 1 on Forbes list of America’s fastest growing cities 2015. No wonder many organizations are holding their conferences in Houston. Here are a few that may interest you:

Useful links:

Learn more about your section at

If you attended our January professional development meeting, don’t forget to take our online survey (

You can join our ASQ Houston section 1405 group on Linkedin. The group is growing and currently has over 929 members.

Don’t forget to log into the ASQ site to receive your ‘February 2015 Member Gift Bundle’ - Creating a Culture of Quality’.

Jan 2015 Chairs Corner

Chair’s pick:

If you have never checked out the video library (ASQ TV) content on ASQ site, you are missing out. Here is my pick for those of you who are new to Quality or are looking for a refresher!