You still have time to submit your captivating proposals! The deadline for the QECW Call for Proposals has been extended to April 24, 2015. Details are in the attached files. Thank you so very much to those of you that have submitted proposals. We are looking forward to reviewing them for the QECW.

And Education Teams: we sincerely apologize that there is no education team excellence competition this year, but we invite you to submit your projects for consideration for presentation at the Houston education conference.

The Quality Education Conference & Workshop is being co-sponsored by the Education Division and the Human Development and Leadership Division.

The 23rd ASQ Quality Education Conference & Workshop (QECW) is scheduled for November 14-15, 2015, with Workshops planned for November 16, 2015, in Houston Texas. The 2015 QECW is being brought to you by the ASQ Education and the Human Development and Leadership Divisions.

We invite you to submit your session and/or workshop proposals to share your success stories and proven approaches so that others can learn and apply your methodologies and principles upon returning to their educational institutions, industries, businesses, homes, communities, and wherever learning and learning processes are applied. We want to encourage all participants to share their experiences on applying quality tools and the practical application of continuous improvement to sustain a culture of success and create new ways of broadening and enhancing our educational networks.

Proposals may be submitted for 75 minute sessions to be conducted November 14-15 or for 4-hour post-conference Workshops to be conducted on November 16. Please refer to the attached Call for Proposals (will be posted to the website). Also, please refer to the attached Proposal Review Process and Proposal Requirements for specific requirements for the submission of your proposal.

The deadline for submission of your proposals is end of the day on Friday, April 24, 2015. Submissions may be submitted to Norma Simons ( and Belinda Chavez (

On behalf of the ASQ QECW Conference Board, we look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Norma Simons, Education Division Chair Elect and Chair 2015 QECW

Belinda Chavez, Education Division Chair and Co-Chair 2015 QECW